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NaNoRenO 2020 Three Week Check In

What a freaking WEEK, huh?

That being said. If It Had to Perish Twice is trucking along pretty okay.

All the writing is done. Most of the art is done (waiting on one more background and sprite), and all the variable mapping is done.

Now I’m at the point where I’m actually getting the game together functionally. Making the modular pieces fit together. This is made complicated by the fact that in addition to the typical dialogue trees, there are pseudo hidden picture segments that progress the story. So these are these parts that still need making up and putting in the right place.

I’m not quite where I’d like to be, but with work suddenly slowing down (like everyone else), next week looks wide open to 100% dev. As well as parts of the weekend. But you know…animal crossing…

Roughly what the

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