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NaNoRenO 2020 Two Week Check In

I intended to have one of these up after the first week, but what a week it was! That being said, how are we doing at week 2, roughly the half way mark.

Before the start of the jam, I was super lucky to be able to bring in a sprite artist, a background artist, and a music composer. I also had an interested party curious about taking a stab at voice direction.

So where do things stand on my NaNo game If It Had to Perish Twice?

Writing: Actually not totally done but will be by the end of the weekend. Because I was able to bring on artists, this empowered me to spend a little more time working out some small writing kinks and expand the story a little. So while I’m officially a week behind on where I’d like to be with writing, the fact that I don’t have to handle art means we’re still in a perfectly fine place.

Art: Two of the sprites and two of the backgrounds are done with another background on the way.

Music: We have one musical piece from my awesome composer.

Voice work:

The plan for the next week:

  • Get the gameplay programming done
  • Start editing voice lines
  • Settle on the UI design
  • IDK, probably a logo right?

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