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NaNoRenO Check in Week 4

This week, Ayu decided to extend the submission period to April 14th. While we’re not going to be taking that long to release, one of the artists did need some extra time due to Covid-related shenanigans.

So the tentative release will be April 3rd.

Now the fun part is that the game is at this point, about 90% done. I’m finishing up getting the art in and making sure all the connections connect.

Not so fun, is that I’m currently stuck with a bug that’s keeping things from launching properly so that I can do other debugging. This is one of those little things that always come up in late production. You know there’s a problem, but you don’t know how to fix it. Right now, I’m scouring through the parts of the scripting that I think it could be and discussing with my discord servers the problem. That’s part of the process, discussing with community and working out problems.

The instant I have a really screen grab to show, I will, but check out this short gif that sort of gives you an idea until then.

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