If It Had to Perish Twice

“I. Absolutely. Loved.¬†This.¬†“


The Earth is dead, but alien intervention created artificial habitation for the Humans to regain their footing in. The deal that built these glistening domed cities, however, comes with a strange price: the aliens get to live here with us.

I really enjoyed it. The world you’ve created is really interesting…


It’s been a decade of relatively idyllic coexistence when you’re haphazardly recruited by an underground Human rebel movement. They have reason to suspect that the aliens have nefarious secret dealings, and now you’re being forced to help them. Explore city functioning. Talk to your friends. What is hiding underneath it all?

A sci-fi visual novel with simple point and click exploration.

Features 18 unlockable epilogues and full voice acting. 

Made for NaNoRenO 2020

Download from Itch.io

Epilogue Guide

The Team

Writing and ProgrammingAshe Thurman

Sprite ArtYoshibb

Background and Overworld ArtJaz


Voice Direction and CastingBen Balmaceda

Additional Art, Animation, and UI-Ashe Thurman


Mohammed-Jeffrey Hunt

Klik-Kit Harrison

Tiffany-Elissa Park

Ashanti-Shelley Hunter

Sheriff Jorge-Daniel Santoy