Writing and Scripts

Audio dramas, skits, short stories, serialized fiction and everything in between.

Also take a look at the games page for interactive writing projects.


Short Fiction

Short fiction and editorials published in online magazines and periodicals.

Audio Skits

A series of audio shorts and skits ranging from the silly to the terrifying.

The Villain Squad

A fun and frightening time with the Villain Squad, a short run of an audio comedy group based out of the Legend of Zelda Universe.

Ollie and Molly

When Molly’s mother died, she learned that her father wasn’t JUST a one night stand. He was nobility, and now he’s called the new orphan home to live with him, his wife, and daughter, Olivia. How will she learn to cope with this new life that’s been laid out for her, and who will she meet along the way?

Dungeon Profiteer

The town of Fournemouth sits right smack dab in the middle of an adventurer’s dream. There are dragons to slay, goblin hordes to raid, bandits to fight, and loot from ancient crypts to be had. It’s also the site of a battle between two warring factions, The Black Skulls and the Griffons. With all that, there’s plenty of fighting to go around.

And you’re the only weapons dealer and blacksmith in town.