The Terrible Persistence of Memory

“When your past disappears, what happens to your future?”

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Content Warnings for:

  • Occasional strong language
  • Implied eating disorders
  • Implied child abuse

When you wake from a deep sleep, the first thing the goblin doctor asks is “What’s your name?” The problem is: you don’t know. A mysterious retrograde amnesia has left you with barely an inkling of your past, and you have yet to decide how much that actually bothers you.

Retrace your steps. Find what you’ve lost. Piece together who you are from the strange and incredible things you can do as you realize you’re not the only one looking for you.

Collect information and determine who can help you decipher it. Form your own feelings on your absent memories, and see what path it takes you down.

A mystery romance with an all non-binary cast.

Made for NaNoRenO 2021

Current features:

3 routes, 6 endings

Point and click investigation segments

40k words

Planned Features:


Poly Route