Ollie and Molly

When Molly’s mother died, she learned that her father wasn’t JUST a one night stand. He was nobility, and now he’s called the new orphan home to live with him, his wife, and daughter, Olivia. How will she learn to cope with this new life that’s been laid out for her, and who will she meet along the way?

A new family. A new life. A whole new host of expectations. And not just for Molly. Olivia, too, is facing new struggles.

It’s been a couple of weeks, and Molly’s started adjusting to her new home. But there’s one, tiny, little thing that she has to address, and it may be harder for her family to understand than she’d like.

It’s been a few months, and it would seem like Molly is settling in. Just under the peaceful facade of their lives, though, there is something dark bubbling up to the surface. A confrontation with the mother who left her behind may be the only way for Molly to move on.

Things have been going smoothly for half a year. That is, until it’s David that makes a misstep with the vampire community. Now he has to remember that he’s not alone in this. Will he let Molly and, more importantly, his boyfriend, Ferris, lend their aid?

A major hiccup leads to two dramatically different reactions from the girls. What do you do when it feels like the world is falling apart? Part 1

It’s the end of the world, but Molly is nowhere to be found. Something even worse may be on the horizon, and can Olivia stop it in time? Part 2




Ferris-Liam Holness


David-Joseph Karson

Carter-It’s Only Otto

Father-James Dijit

Mother, Annalissa-Ashe Thurman

Chuck Brunkus-Dan Halley

Composer-Dan Halley