Dungeon Profiteer

The town of Fournemouth sits right smack dab in the middle of an adventurer’s dream. There are dragons to slay, goblin hordes to raid, bandits to fight, and loot from ancient crypts to be had. It’s also the site of a battle between two warring factions, The Black Skulls and the Griffons. With all that, there’s plenty of fighting to go around.

And you’re the only weapons dealer and blacksmith in town.

Build your weapons to your customers’ request, and reap the rewards. Put the wrong parts together and well…things get weird.

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Created in 10 days for DogPit Jam 2018 by Team A Sensible and Entirely Appropriate Number of Cooks.

Best Dev Winner for DogPit Jame 2018

The Team

John Deeny
Ludvig Loven
Graham Chambers
Damien Wright
Dieting Hippo
Clayton Chowaniec
Max Spurlock
William Crawford
Giovanni Sabella
Will Bowerman
Ashe Thurman

With the Voices of

James Larabee
Michael A. Zekas
Ashe Thurman