Visual novels, narrative heavy games, and other interactive fiction. From Pixels and Pins originals to collaborations.

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Fruit Salad Theory

It’s the night of the big ball, and things are going…well…they’re going. When so many people of so many different species are gathered together in one place, you’re sure to have an interesting time. As nobility and staff alike interact, the philosophies on the nature of the universe clash and reform, finding a suitable point in the middle to compromise.

But what if something a little more malicious is happening under the surface? What machinations are in play to change the memory of this night forever?
Enter a series of fully-voiced acted vignettes, making choices for the characters along the way. As the night ends, the ramifications of these choices become clear but not just for our characters. The entire socio-political balance of the nation is at play.

The Terrible Persistence of Memory

When you wake from a deep sleep, the first thing the goblin doctor asks is “What’s your name?” The problem is: you don’t know. A mysterious retrograde amnesia has left you with barely an inkling of your past, and you have yet to decide how much that actually bothers you.

Retrace your steps. Find what you’ve lost. Piece together who you are from the strange and incredible things you can do as you realize you’re not the only one looking for you.

Collect information and determine who can help you decipher it. Form your own feelings on your absent memories, and see what path it takes you down.

If It Had to Perish Twice

The Earth is dead, but alien intervention created artificial habitation for the Humans to regain their footing in. The deal that built these glistening domed cities, however, comes with a strange price: the aliens get to live here with us.

The Center of the Universe

When a freak storm that is more than just a storm forces Garrah to take cover, the world they emerge into is one quite unlike their own: ours. 

Unsure where this new path takes them and stuck communicating with a rudimentary understanding of the few bits of language that bind them, the sisters Xochitl and Precious take them in and give them just a glimpse of a life that’s slightly different. Like two ships passing in the night. Two worlds touching at a distance. 


An island in the sea, and two souls inhabiting it, alone in their misery. Until fate or some such tawdry thing compels them from the darkness to seek each other out. 

An atmospheric mini visual novel about the monsters within and without us. 


As the sea stretches out, another island, and two lovers that take refuge there. But there is danger lurking at the bottom of a cup. What strange things inhabit the hearts and minds of those who seek to find?

An atmospheric kinetic experience in 9 vignettes. 


A bookstore employee, you and your coworkers are being plagued by your worst nightmare: books that don’t seem to want to stay in their place on the shelves. What could possibly be happening?

A quick visual novel for people new to the medium as both players and developers. 

Hart Connection

The Hart Mercenary Company has a job. Escort an elven prince across country. Easy enough for the well-trained members of the mercenary guild.

You’d think…

A short interactive story told from three perspectives.

Hart of the Matter

Some members of the Hart Mercenary Company have been sent on a seemingly simple job: go to the Bi-Annual Inter-World Professional Mage Convention (the Squall) and recruit a new artificer. When petty fights start breaking out between the people in power, what’s stronger: friendships or guildmates? Can they impress their target with their magical (and otherwise) prowess? 

A short interactive story told from three perspectives.


Go out and find yourself,” they told her. That’s what all good, young elves do. Who would have thought that would be so hard? Living in world that she isn’t sure wants her to be there, Cora feels like she’s floating through life, trying to find a place to plant her roots. When her usual walk through the park brings her path across a sylvan named Amy, it seems like this might be just the right kind of upheaval to get her sorted.