Visual novels, narrative heavy games, and other interactive fiction. From Pixels and Pins originals to collaborations.

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An island in the sea, and two souls inhabiting it, alone in their misery. Until fate or some such tawdry thing compels them from the darkness to seek each other out. 

An atmospheric mini visual novel about the monsters within and without us. 


As the sea stretches out, another island, and two lovers that take refuge there. But there is danger lurking at the bottom of a cup. What strange things inhabit the hearts and minds of those who seek to find?

An atmospheric kinetic experience in 9 vignettes. 


A bookstore employee, you and your coworkers are being plagued by your worst nightmare: books that don’t seem to want to stay in their place on the shelves. What could possibly be happening?

A quick visual novel for people new to the medium as both players and developers. 

Hart Connection

The Hart Mercenary Company has a job. Escort an elven prince across country. Easy enough for the well-trained members of the mercenary guild.

You’d think…

A short interactive story told from three perspectives.


Go out and find yourself,” they told her. That’s what all good, young elves do. Who would have thought that would be so hard? Living in world that she isn’t sure wants her to be there, Cora feels like she’s floating through life, trying to find a place to plant her roots. When her usual walk through the park brings her path across a sylvan named Amy, it seems like this might be just the right kind of upheaval to get her sorted.