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“Go out and find yourself,” they told her. That’s what all good, young elves do. Who would have thought that would be so hard? Living a world that she isn’t sure wants her to be there, Cora feels like she’s floating through life, trying to find a place to plant her roots. When her usual walk through the park brings her path across a syvan named Amy, it seems like this might be just right king of upheaval to get her sorted.

Features 2 endings, 2 CG’s and a GxG romance.

Built in one-month for NaNoReNo 2017 by a one-woman team, Amaranth is the first game ever put into production. Keep an eye out as additional content including voice acting, a third route, and additional CG’s will be added in a second, post game jam update.

Listen to the two-part finale of Ollie and Molly.