Everything’s been done before…

There are no new ideas. West Side Story is Romeo and Juliet is Pyramus and Thisbe. Arthurian legends have been told and retold hundreds of times. The same thing for classic fairy tales. There's a whole classification system for character archetypes we see over and over and over again.  And that's fine.  These stories and… Continue reading Everything’s been done before…


How to Be the “Idea Guy”

This article features Extra Credit: Developing an Idea to Execution for $5 Patrons. Check it out here. That's a dangerous phrase isn't it? The "idea guy." The one who spouts things but doesn't actually do the work associated with the thing and yet still wants to see it done. The person who takes way more… Continue reading How to Be the “Idea Guy”


Why No One Wants to Work With You

I'm not a perfect project manager by any means, but I've been extremely lucky that people I've worked with are willing to work with me again and again, even when I can't pay them. Being able to translate whatever goodwill you can into working relationships is a delicate skill that you have to learn. So… Continue reading Why No One Wants to Work With You

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Project Management 101: Surviving Your First Production

So you have a kickin' idea, a real cracker of a project. Something you're going to need to hire people on for or gather collaborators. But maybe you're a little new to this whole….producer/director/creator thing. Where do you start? Let's look at a quick rundown of how you can get your project off to a… Continue reading Project Management 101: Surviving Your First Production