Twitch Chat Rules

There’s really only one rule: Don’t be a jerk. Everyone has a different lived experience, everyone views the world in a different light. So, let’s just be kind to each other the best we can.

Profanity is permitted (I myself cuss like a sailor), but let’s all try to keep it PG-13 for the first hour or so. Because of the nature of the games I play, we do get some kids in stream. I don’t go “mature audience button” for that reason.


Suggested Talking Points

Game Tactics

I’m more than happy to vocalize for you why I’m making certain game decisions. I’m so all about that.


I’m an otaku. It’s a thing.

Voice Acting

It’s a thing I do and am a total geek about.

Fandoms and Shipping

Theatre (both acting and tech!)

I did competitive musical theatre in high school. I’m a geek. This has been established.

Conventions and Ren Faires!

I frequent anime and video game conventions and various Renaissance Faires. I have soooooo many stories. I will tell them to you.

Needlpoint and Fiber Arts

Cosplay, Costuming, and Prop Building

I’m not as great as some, but I’m clever.

Fictional Economics and Speculative Cultural Exchange

Dr. Who (old and new)

Funny British Sci-Fi Books, Shows, and Movies




Discord/Voice Chat Rules and Parameters

I allow regular viewers and friends into a special Discord chat room or on party chat for certain multiplayer games.

As such, I’ll need to ply you with some rules so things don’t get out of hand.

  1. Reduce your background noise on your TV. Mics pickup more than you realize, so mute it if you have to. Also, do what you can to limit the amount of background noise in your immediate vicinity.
  2.  Give other people space to talk. Not everyone has to speak. You can just listen. However, everyone needs to have the opportunity to be able to break in when they want to. So chit-chat and have fun, but keep in mind that other people might want to speak but aren’t vocal enough to make that known. Let’s be sure to include everyone in the conversation.
  3. Try to limit any habits that might clutter voice chat audio. Anyone who’s been around a bit, might have caught me singing along to theme songs or my background music while on stream. It’s a thing I do without thinking. When I’m on voice chat AND stream, I work really hard not to do it because it creates this constant background noise that’s just too much for everyone involved. So, if I can do it, you can do it to! Other habits that might clutter the audio: a chair that is constantly squeaking, tapping your controller buttons hard enough that the mic picks them up, whistling (a little is okay, but it can be really shrill on mic), eating/crunching, tapping on tables, etc. 
  4. I might have to turn down your volume for one of these reasons, and if I do, I might not be able to bring you back up when you have something important to say.
  5. Let’s keep in mind that talking can be hard and we need to be polite to one another. It seems so natural right? But let’s consider that when we type in chat we usually get an extra few moments to consider what we’ve written before hitting send. You don’t get that luxury when speaking. People have speech impediments. Maybe they say a word wrong. Maybe they misspeak in other ways. Maybe something sounds weird when said into a mic then heard on a crappy speaker. If someone says something, and it sounds weird or funny to you, consider the intent of the speech before laughing or assuming it’s a joke or teasing the person. This is a very vague rule, but it’s come up enough that I need to draw attention to it.
  6. I need to be able to get everyone’s attention. Seriously guys. It’s my stream, and I’m herding cats. Things can’t get so loud and out of hand that I can’t convey information when I need to.
  7. Also remember that I’m communicating with people outside the voice chat. I need to be able to talk with people in the twitch text chat room, so, again, do your best to not let things get so wacky that I can’t do so.
  8. I may not let you talk, but you can listen. There are a couple of reasons this might happen. It’s not a personal thing, and it won’t be permanent.
    1. There are just too many people on chat at the moment, and another voice is going to be too much to handle. This isn’t a hard limit, as it depends on how chatty/loud people are being.
    2. I record streams for archival purposes, and maybe a setup has occurred wherein the voices present are perfect for a certain recorded segment and I don’t want to change them at that exact moment. Give me a match or two and I’ll unmute you. I’m just trying to catch lightening in a bottle.
    3. This stream is going up on Youtube, and you’re under the age of thirteen. I’m still struggling with having an underage person being heard on-stream without parental consent, but for live purposes, I’m willing to let it slide because I can delete right after. But if it’s going on Youtube, I’m not 100% comfortable with it. Details can be discussed 1v1.
  9. If you’re “altered” in any way while on voice chat, I may choose to mute you if I feel like it’s getting out of hand. This hasn’t happened, yet, but I want to put it down in case it ever does.
  10. I reserve the right to mute or kickout ANYONE who I feel is affecting the stream negatively with their input. Don’t be a dick about it if it happens. We can discuss it later.

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