The D (Stands for Demon)

Stella shares her mind with an ancient, otherworldly being, something entirely unlike anything else in the material realm, with primal desires that could rip them both apart.

Her name is Rose. And Rose is annoyed.

Even in their world of elves and magic and dragon people and crap, to have an Other is altogether too strange, so Stella would rather keep their condition under wraps. This means no credit to Rose for their career advancement and practically no say in their romantic partners…of which there are far too few for Rose’s liking. But hey, Stella’s comfortable with her lack of sexual and romantic attraction. Why can’t Rose be?

A telepathic odd-couple, living their life and looking for love in all the…just…regular places?

A GxB/NB story of identity, romance, careers, and…like…elves and stuff.

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The Love Interests

Chia-hao Woo

Arisian, Writer/Financial Planning

Chia is that guy who explains the different kinds of coffee beans to the barista. Who goes out of his way to (poorly) explain to you the themes and metaphorical elements of the book you did a doctoral dissertation on because he sees you with a copy of it. He’s the Guy in Your MFA Twitter account incarnate.

He’s also the type of guy, though, that will lend you his entire David Bowie collection because you said you like the movie Labyrinth one time. He’s not good or bad he’s just…he needs some perspective, you know?

CV: Adam Rowe

Chris Kaldr

Human, Level Programmer

A programmer by trade, Chris also happens to be a vampire of some sort. Not the blood drinking type, though…probably…Not like he needs to keep it a secret, but it is a rather curious thing that he has. Makes a person wonder whether he’s trying to look like something he’s not.

CV: Kevin Thelwell

Faakhir Ran

Drakkaken, IT

You don’t see many drakkaken wandering around. Some people say they’re hard to read, but that’s only because they’re not paying attention. When Faakhir roles a dangerous number on a check during a table top game, the whole table knows it. His shyness and kind nature show through everything he does.

CV: Manuela Malasaña

Iambe lan Penthaes

Elf, Technical Artist

Iambe’s an elf living among humans, and he’s annoyed by this on a daily basis. Too bad a genetic defect means elven society as a whole hasn’t been very kind to him. A person could probably break through the walls he’s built up around him, but until he let’s them, stuck-up and surly is the best you’ll get from him.

CV: Ryan Hoyle

René Desmarais

Human, Marketing

Rene’s kind of a jerk but a lovable jerk…mostly. When it comes to romantic backgrounds, though, his was a bit of a doozy. So you can almost forgive him. Beneath his prickly exterior lives a man adrift who thinks he’ll never love or be loved again and isn’t sure how to feel about that.

CV: Mike “Otto” Chatelain

Tarka Blackflower

Sylvan, Business Owner/Aromatherapist

Sylvan have the reputation of being capricious, aloof, and light-hearted. It’s not that Tarka isn’t those things, but they’re also industrious and highly intelligent. Despite a degree in biochemistry, no one took them seriously until they gave up on grad school and opened their own store selling holistic remedies. Well, so be it! Money’s money and humans eat that sort of nonsense up.

CV: Elissa Park

“This is a really fun game! To anyone on the fence about downloading it…just do it!”


“Really loved playing this game!…I say “The D” was worth it…”

-Tony Onorific