Twitch F.A.Q.

Q: What’s up with the little symbols next to people’s names?

A: 3@> is members of the Cuddlefish Creators. LDP are members of the Let’s Dub Project.

Q: You should play DOTA/LoL/Hearthstone/WoW.

Short A: No.

Long A: I don’t really play MOBA’s and MMO’s. I have nothing against, them; they’re just not my cup of tea. I don’t really have the time to invest in them to get to the point where I’m really good and it would be worth it for you, as a viewer, to watch.

Q: You should play [some other game].

A: Maybe? Depends what it is. I’ve got a lot of games, but I don’t buy every mainstream thing that come my way. I’ve got a lot of indie games on Steam and the PS4, as well as a whole lot of retro games (going back to the Atari 2600). If it’s not unreasonable, I might give it a shot some day. If it’s a game I don’t have, then I would, obviously, have to acquire it. Check out the “Donation” box on the Twitch channel for more info on how you can help with that.

Q: Your video quality is a little…questionable…

A: My ISP is a jerk. I’ve done everything possible on my end to make streaming as smooth as possible, but there is an occasional video/audio lag and lowered quality.

Q. Is this, like, your job?

A. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. Yeah….no…I have a part-time job and I also freelance the shit out of stuff. If you look on the links on the channel page, you’ll see a few of the other things I do.

Q: Who are all the other voices?

A: I’m joined, frequently by members of the Cuttlefish Crusaders (my Splatoon squad) and some voice actor friends. If you become a regular, you can join in on the fun, too.

Q: Who’s that dude that plays with you sometimes?

A: That’s my husband.

Q: He should play more often. He’s good.

A: I know, right? Imagine living with that.

Q: Who the hell is Merrill, and why do you keep yelling at her?

A: That’s one of my cats. She’s really needy.

Q. Marill, like, the Pokemon?

A. No, Merrill like the Dragon Age II character.

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