Writing Commissions


Writing commissions are currently open!

Payments through paypal! Use the “contact me” form at the bottom of this page or e-mail me at ashethurman@gmail.com with the subject “Writing Commissions”

The Prices

For the first 500 words–12¢/word

for the next 501 to 1000 words-10¢/word

for the next 1001-2000+ words–8¢/word

Anything more than 2000 words is special rate.

Word count rounded up to the nearest 100.

What kind of writing? 

Short answer: almost anything.

    • drabbles
    • fanfiction
    • blog entries
    • explainer/instructional video scripts
    • general scripts
    • video game dialogue
    • short stories
    • poetry and song lyrics
    • interactive fiction
    • comic book scripts
    • visual novel
    • and on and on and on


The per word pricing for scripts applies to dialogue and long sections of action. Character descriptions, sound, lighting, staging, and shot descriptions don’t count.

Make it Interactive!

I’ll bring that bad boy into Twine and give you multiple routes or make it work with RenPy! Contact me for special pricing and discussion.

Narrative Design and Game Writing

Contact me for details and rates.


Not many.

      • NSFW and erotica is okay, but I walk a fine line with smut. I tend toward the fluffier side of things with a softer, more innuendo-ed focus. Just my preferred style.
      • I won’t write anything that I feel is particularly hateful, however.
      • Non-con is a no-go.
      • If it’s a piece of fiction involving a real life person, I’m going to want more details before I say “yes”