Vocal Resume

*Denotes projects currently in production.

Animation of Note

CSGO Cartoons Ep 16 – CashMeInside

Nick Bunyun (SmashBits Animation)

“Horizon Zero Dawn: Worst Dad Ever” – Young Aloy

 SmashBits Animation

Sonic Origins – Rosie


“If Legend of Zelda was Realistic” – Navi

 SmashBits Animation

One Minute Melee S4 Ep12 – Alice Margatroid

Hyun’s Dojo

“Real Zombie Auditions for the Walking Dead” – Lily, Young Boy

 Arcade Cloud (SmashBits Animation)

 Additional Animation

Radio Plays and Audio Dramas

Meridian 7-1212 – End Credits Announcer

 Narada Radio Players (for The Sonic Society)

Ollie and Molly – Mother, Annalissa

 Pixels and Pins Studio

The Battle for Zendikar Block – Jori-En*, Additional Characters

Voice of All-The Magic Story Audio Drama

Rosco and James – Phoebe*

Static Stories

zONE – Arabella/Cheshire Cat/Bridget*

Philip Blood

Flock – Vi’Nami Argyris


Dungeon Fighter Online English Mod – Female Gunner

Let’s Dub Project

Alexandra of Ciel – The Queen

Team Darknesse

Amaranth – Additional Voices

Pixels and Pins Studio

Havoc Fox – V*


Infinite Adventures – Lady Tonya*

Stormseeker Games

Project Calamity – Lust*