The Terrible Persistence of Memory Guide (Spoiler Free)

The interaction breaks down in two different parts: dialogue choices that anchor you to a certain romantic route and “solving” clues to affirm the main character enough that they enter into the good ending where the mystery is (a little) solved.

Attaining a Certain Romantic Route

The dialogue choices utilize a very simple point-based system. At the “route break” it checks for whoever has 3 points starting with Tobben, then Day, then Konijn. This means in the case of a tie, Tobben is favored over Day is favored over Konijn.

The top choice in any choice block describes a conflict about whether you want your memories back or not.

This adds a point to Day. Picking all top choices guarantees getting on the Day route.

The second choice shows a desire to solve the mystery of your missing memories.

This adds a point to Konijn. Picking all middle choices guarantees getting on the Konijn route.

The third choice expresses a desire to not regain your memories and run away from your past.

This adds a point to Tobben. Picking all bottom choices guarantees getting on the Tobben route.

Unlocking the hidden route:

To unlock the hidden route, you must first complete one playthrough of the game.

After that, Konijn and Tobben must BOTH receive three points each (with the 7th possible point going wherever). It will check for this first after being unlocked.

Collecting and Solving Clues

Investigation Segments

Each of the three point-and-click investigation segments is associated with a love interest and has 6 clickable areas that must all be activated before moving on. After completing the game once, you’ll be given the choice to skip investigations if you so choose. Keep in mind, however, that these are the areas where you’ll receive the greatest number of hints for the route-dependent “Question” segment later in the game.

Below are indicators of the activation locations you’ll need to click.

Crash Site with Konijn

Body Diagram with Tobben

Clothing with Day

Question Segment

Each route contains a “Question” segment where you discuss what you know so far with your love interest. “Succeeding” here is the way to receive the “good ending” for that route. The exception is the hidden locked route that has no question segment and, therefore, only one ending.

Below the questions you’re presented each time, but the correct answer is dependent upon the route and what each love interest knows/has gleaned from the situation. There are 3 correct answers, and you have 5 chances to guess 2 of them. If you collect 3 correct questions, it ends early.

These are the questions.

Below are the correct questions to ask for each route.


  • What is this cart piece?
  • What discolored my fingertips?
  • How were my clothes dyed?


  • Where did my rijderaak go? (Unlocks special conversation with Steve)
  • What did I hit my head on?
  • Are these really the clothes I was found in?


  • What’s my actual damage?
  • Where is all the blood?
  • Why do my legs hurt?

Achievement Guide

What’s in a name?Complete “wake-up” interactive segment.
Where’s the pebble?Complete the Long Day festival story point.
Who are these people?Complete Day’s bad end.
My past and our future. Complete Day’s good end.
What am I capable of?Complete Konijn’s bad end.
What awaits us.Complete Konijn’s good end.
What waits for me in the dark?Complete Tobben’s bad end.
My life is here now.Complete Tobben’s good end.
How did I get here?Complete Steve’s special conversation (see questions above)
To love and be loved in return.Complete hidden ending.