Hart Connection Walkthrough and Information

Hart Connection consists of three routes that are picked at the start of the game. Within each route is a good end and a bad end. Each route has an affection gauge, and you must have a score of 50% or better by the end of the forest scene to enter the good route.

General Notes:

Melanthius prefers to not be badgered, allowed a sense of independence (ie, doing things for himself), maintaining a certain bodily autonomy, and not having his privacy overly invaded.

Lilah’s word jumble, each correct answer gets you one point. Skipping or getting answers incorrect are worth zero. The madlib section doesn’t affect point increase.

Orchard has two “question gauntlets.” The first, asking a question the first time is +1 to the gauge. Asking the same question again, is -1 (negating the first point gain). After asking a question five times, even if you haven’t asked all the available questions, the gauntlet ends. The second gauntlet in the carriage represents branching questions. Every question leads to a new set of questions, one being +1 the other being +0.

In the camp out night scene of Orchard and Max’s route, you’ll be faced with five choices. Getting three of them wrong ends the scene early.

There’s not a preferred order, but if I HAD to pick one, I’d say Orchard>Lilah>Max.

Below, is a choice by choice, spoiler free guide to how much each decision increases the gauge. In situations where there are only two choices, unless otherwise stated assume the other choice increases the gauge by zero.

Let’s get started!

Lilah’s route:

Lilah’s route is probably the most gamified with two sections of word games involved.

Word Jumble Answers

Each correct answer gets +1 in the gauge. Wrong or blank answers get 0 points.

third, buffer, conferred, matter of fact, experimental, royalty, family, harrowing

“Is it a ____pain?”

Tummy -1
Dizzy +1

Yes. I’ll admit a certain hesitance, at the moment. So as long as it doesn’t put us behind schedule…”
“His eyes dart to me.

We’re on schedule +1
No, we’re good.
We don’t gotta beat feet. -1

He can be a real____sometimes.
Idiot +1
Asshole -1

You’re just______.
a guy -1
a singular person
one particular man +1

Hey, Melanthius, your stuff…

has to be moved around. +1
needs repacking.
isn’t in the right place.-1

The madlib section. 

There are no wrong answers! Have fun!

Are you…

worried? +1
scared? -1

It’s a matter of being…

legal +1
upfront -1

Hey. You’re gonna be fine. We’ll…

worried? +1
scared? -1

Orchard’s Route:

In the first question gauntlet, asking a question the first time is +1 to the gauge. Asking the same question again is -1 (negating the first point gain). After asking a question five times, even if you haven’t asked all the available questions, the gauntlet ends.

Ask him to get the bag-+1
ask him to slide over -1

In the coach gauntlet, the following questions add +1 to the affection gauge.

“Is it just books that make you sick?”
“So not great conversationalists I take it?”
“So elf schools really are worse than human ones?”
“And I take it you’d prefer not to deal with that sort of thing?”
“Is there something wrong?”
“Is there anything we can do about it?”
“Would you have rather done this by yourself?”

When asking Mel about moving his stuff around.

“We’re gonna move some of your stuff around. Is that cool?” -1
“Would it be okay if we moved some of your stuff around?”
“Can you help us move some stuff around?” +1

The correct choices for the camp-out night scene. 

His stepmother
His brothers
His human mother and sisters.
Nothing, let it flow.

You think someone’s trying to kill me, don’t you?

Just come out with it. +2
Soften the blow

What’s the possibility he knew…?

There’s no way.+1
It’s hard to know.

Orchard, what am I supposed to do …?

Hey. We’ve got your back.
Not cry about it.-1
You fight is what you do.+1

Max’s Route:

When helping him out of the carriage.

Hold out a hand. +1

Do nothing.

Grab him under the arm.-1

Getting ready to eat lunch.

Turn away.-1


Give a little wave.+1

Passing food at lunch.

Place the mustard in front of him. +1

Slide the mustard toward him.

Moving the trunk.

Ask him to remove the trunk.

Grab the bottom. +1

Have him help you. +1

Pause and let him catch up. +1

Move it for him. -1

Step back and make sure it’s okay. +1

Moving the hardside suitcase.

Stop +1

Continue -1

Oh no! He’s dropped his notebooks. 


Look away. +1

Repacking the trunk. 

Get someone to translate.

Just show him. -1

Draw a picture. +1

What a pretty box!

Apologize. +1

Hand the box back.

The camp out night scene.

“Rub his legs”
“Be good and keep still.”
“Leave it be”
“Continue to hug him.”
“Enjoy the moment, as is.”

But you understand? He’s distressed, embarrassed. 

I’m sorry you couldn’t trust me. +1

Yeah…I guess.

No! -1

I am worried he hired you because he thought…

“..something bad would happen.”

Let him figure it out. +1

Max, what am I supposed to do if someone really is coming after me?”

Hey. We’ve got your back. +1

No one is coming after you. -1