Amaranth Walkthrough and Information


With the simplicity of Amaranth (you only make three choices), this is not a complicated walkthrough. I’ll still provide it, however, for double checks. See below for fun information about the game and it’s production.

There are three endings: home, heart, and head (unlockable).

You just need to select 2/3 “home” or “heart” options to get that ending.

Head unlocks after completing home and heart and comes with two extended scenes.

The choices:

“You know what? You’re right.” +heart
“I just really need a good walk.” +home


“Sure.” +home
“I think I’ll stay.” +heart


“So what if I do?”+heart
“I haven’t made up my mind.” +home


You must make both these selections when they unlock for you to get the third ending.

“Get a little more comfortable”
“I didn’t know that I wanted to share her.”


Fun Facts and Information

  • Amaranth is set in the same universe as my audio drama Ollie and Molly and short story collection Latolan.  It’s also in the same universe as the in-production games The D (Stands for Demon) and Hart Company.
  • The two extra actors I borrowed for this were in Ollie and Molly (Rachael as Molly and Dan as Chuck Brunkus and the music composer)
  • A store in the city background contains the Traditional Elven writing for the number 26.
  • The painting on the wall of the restaurant is a watercolor of a yokai I painted a few years ago.
  • Three of the main cast (Amy, Cora, and Mother) and my two extras were recruited from The Let’s Dub Project.
  • All of Amy and Cora’s scenes were recorded via a live call between the actors and director.