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DEADLINE 11:59 PDT Apr. 30, 2017

“Go out and find yourself,” they told her. That’s what all good, young elves do. Who would have thought that would be so hard? Living in a world that she isn’t sure wants her to be there, Cora feels like she’s floating through life, trying to find a place to plant her roots. When her usual walk through the park brings her path across a sylvan named Amy, it seems like this might be just the right kind of upheaval to get her sorted.

For March, I participated in my first NaNoReNo creating a game called Amaranth.

Amaranth is a short visual novel that tells the story of a young elven woman trying to find her place in the world.

The game is fully developed, but as part of a post game jam expanded version, I will be adding new features including a third, hidden route, more and updated art, and full voice acting.

Unfortunately, this is a currently uncompensated role, but I’m hoping any interested parties will be happy to join the learning experience with me.

Full game available for download and play.

Please Note the Following Recommendations/Requirements:

  • Good mic quality with no noise, room echo,pops, or clicks
  • No more than three takes per line including ones that involve accent work (see below)
  • Be willing/able to meet deadlines and be directed over Skype, Discord, or Google Hangouts through late May and June
  • Be easily contactable at relatively short notice via Skype, Discord, or e-mail
  • Have fun and be loose!
  • Feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

Notes on accents:

Where noted, certain characters speak “English” as their second language. This opens up the possibility for light accents. In order to maintain the lore of the universe, I’ve noted a general idea of what the accent would sound like in canon.

Any audition including accents should also include a read without an accent. An audition with an accent will not take preference over those that don’t. It’s more an experiment in possibility than a definitive creative direction. Never know until you try.

DEADLINE 11:59 PDT Apr. 30, 2017

Recording and Submitting:

  • Export auditions into Mono, 48000hz, 24 bit, .wav format.
  • Place each character read in a separate file and please label as “name_charactername.” All takes can go in one file.
  • Email files to with “Amaranth Audition-Your Name” in the subject line.
  • You may or may not zip at your discretion (labeled clearly). Dropbox and Google Drive links are also acceptable.


On Casting Call Club

On Behind the Voice Actors

Parts and Sides



Female voice

The main character.

An elf. Mid-late 20’s. Medium-low pitch but feminine. Generally reserved with a dry sarcasm. Extremely hesitant when it comes to expressing emotions but slowly learning.

Struck with a mid-twenties ennui, Cora is just sort of waiting for her life to start. Everything is painted with this palor of impermanence and uncertainty. She’s reticent to get attached to anything, and growing increasingly disillusioned with her own species

If including accented/intonated read: Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin

  1. [jokingly, with slight sarcasm] Ah. You’ve accidentally stumbled onto one of the great secrets. We’re actually all–well, I mean, like 95%–some degree of far-sighted. But prescription lenses are a sign of weakness, and we can’t have that now can we?
  2. [somber] I sat on my bed and stared at the floor. I didn’t pray. Talking to nothing wasn’t really a tenet of my morality. But for an instant, just an instant, I found myself wishing there was something, anything out there that could tell me what I was supposed to do with this dark feeling bubbling in my chest.
  3. [angry, in an argument with her mother] Don’t. Don’t just assume you know what I want to do with my life. I don’t even know, yet. I’m still trying to figure it out.



Female voice

The love interest of the main character.

A sylvan. Mid-Late 20’s. Medium-high pitch, not particularly feminine. Not bubbly, but friendly and good-natured. Candid with her emotions, but still struggling to express them in ways they come across to others.

Growing up in a tight-knit tribe-family, Amy is accustomed to being a part of something much larger than herself. Now, in desperation to find new personal attachments, her natural impulsivity is manifesting in ways she didn’t expect.

  1. [cheerful, jokingly] *Gasp* A nickname on top of your common language diminutive? You really have been living with humans too long.
  2. [with a flash of irritation, at first, then begrudging explanation] It’s a real, thing, you know. Most people I’ve met here don’t seem to think so. Apparently the common opinion is that it’s just a thing we make up to get out of leases, or whatever.
  3. [melancholy, bittersweet] I’m sorry, it’s just…You know, growing up, you’re really close to the others in your family…tribe…thing. It’s just natural for you all to sort of synch together. And you know, logically, that some people are going to leave. They’re going to be called away by something, but you’re able to just sort of accept it.



Male voice

Human. Late 20’s-early 30’s. Nice enough but not overly animated unless talking jargon which he can get REALLY into.

Magician, enchanter, artificer, technomancer. Greg is one of those people living at the intersection of magical and non-magical technologies. From a prestigious family in the magic community, he lives in the shadow of the achievements of his predecessors. And, honestly? That’s just fine by him.

  1. [matter of fact, to someone else in his field] Modding a bluetooth earpiece to reduce the para-human subharmonic buzz. Just enough to block some of the radiation, but not so much that it actually interferes with the bluetooth signal. Of course, I don’t know crap about small consumer electronics, so I’m probably just spouting nonsense.
  2. [dismissive] Oh, yeah, I don’t bother trying to analyze this particular director. I just sort of embrace the weird and move on. This was the last one I needed of his, though. It’s been hard to get ahold of.
  3. [trying to explain himself, but not sure if he’s doing a good job] I’ve got this innate skill that would would give me a significant leg up in a certain industry. As long as I don’t absolutely hate doing it or whatever why not pursue it?



Female voice

Human. Early 30’s. When she’s not in “mom-mode” she’s floaty and effervescent. Very feminine.

A blend of pragmatic and optimistic, Isanna moves forward through life trying her best to not second guess herself. Part of this self-assurance comes from faith in a higher power, part from her own natural tenacity. In the end, she just wants to be an instrument of change in the world.

If including accented read: Received Pronunciation/Oxford British or a very very light Middle Eastern.

  1. [quoting scripture in an attempt to offer life advice] “One must follow the path laid before you with confidence in its rightness, but with measured steps and a clear mind. For evil lays traps and deceits that seem cast in the silver of your Maker, but are, within, simply earthly desires made shining with false divinity.”
  2. [reminiscing] I remember those, too, but no…they had this taffy that was so good. And there was this rumor that they actually used seawater from the Bolero Sea, but I don’t know. That seems farfetched.
  3. [friendly teasing]  You are so oblivious. She totally likes you! Why did you think I went out of my way to mention Tyrell?



Male voice

An elf. 30. Medium-low. Generally flat affectation, but not necessarily monotone or bored. More of a natural tendency toward not showing a lot of emotion.

One of Cora’s older brothers, his birthday is the catalyst point for much of Cora’s strife with her family. Knowing this, he tries to treat his sister’s feelings on the matter gingerly, but he really just wants what he thinks is best for her. Genuinely doesn’t understand how you can be totally content living away from other elves.

If including accented/intonated read: Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin

  1. [defensive, concerned] Everyone’s just concerned! That’s all! It was one thing when you wanted to got to school off-world. That was fine. Everyone does that. But you graduated three years ago, and you seem to…I don’t know…it seems like you want to stay there.
  2. [cheerful] I’m glad it’s over. She did all the planning, but I wish there wasn’t such a fuss.
  3. [dismissive, accepting] But isn’t that just how it is? Mom and Dad went through it, they put us through it, someday, biology willing, we’ll have kids that we put through it.


Female voice

Elf. In her late 60’s but vocally young middle age. Cora’s mother. Like any meddling mother, she means well. It doesn’t always come across. Sharp, austere, reserved.

If including accented/intonated read: Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin

  1. I forbid it!
  2. [pleased] Oh! You actually have some other elves in your neighborhood? That’s nice.


Female voice

One of greg’s coworkers, a fellow artificer. Adult woman. “One of the boys.” Otherwise open to interpretation.

  1. Eh. User error. He was using drake leather on his staff and it was messing up the magic absorption.
  2. [matter of fact] Branch family. Not a Santibañez. [ruefully to herself] As though that really matters to anyone outside our ranks.

Professor Fowler

Either gender voice

Showing up briefly in a route to be added, Fowler is an art history professor in her forties. and generally sounds like it. Otherwise up to interpretation.

  1. This was completely unseemly, at the time, of course. How dare an elf not only mimic a human artist, but one from a non-District world. How did he even have access before the “ports opened” so to speak?


Either gender voice

Two characters with a handful of lines between them. Will be played by the same actor for ease. Don’t necessarily have to have different voices, but that’s up to the auditioner.

  1. Whatchu’ doing here? You’re supposed to be off today.
  2. And I’ll have those refills right away.