Animation from SmashBits (for ArcadeCloud, DreamWorks TV, and Nick Bunyun) and HyperGague (for Hyun’s Dojo).

Performing as:


If ROBLOX Was Realistic, SmashBits Animation

Various Dogs and Children

The Assistant and Wiggles (series), The Engineering Family


“How to CS GO!” CSGO Cartoons Ep16, Nick Bunyun

Young Aloy

“Horizon Zero Dawn-Worst Dad Ever”, SmashBits Animation


Blazblue: Slice of Life (series), Revel House

Alphys, Catty

If Undertale had a Flirting Route (series), SmashBits Animation

Alice Margatroid

One Minute Melee S4, Ep 12-“Sasori vs Alice Margatroid”, Hyun’s Dojo


“If Legend of Zelda was Realistic”, SmashBits Animation

Princess Padme Amidala

“Anakin & Padme Go to the Dance”, Arcade Cloud

Princess Leia Organa

“Chewi’s Award”, Arcade Cloud


“Girls, Rednecks, and Batman?” CS GO Cartoons, ep 8, Nick Bunyun

Cute Girl

“Rock vs Paper vs Scissors” | PIXEL VS PIXEL, Dreamworks TV


“Cada Novela”, ZunidoToons

Lily, Young Boy

“Real Zombie Auditions for Walking Dead”, Arcade Cloud