Ashe Thurman-Voice Resume

Casting and Direction

My Sweet Confession- Voice Director, Casting Director

Snowhaven Studios

My Only Sunshine- Direction Assistant

The Sunspot Syndicate

Battle Royal for Your Heart- Voice Director

LegendEx Games

The D (Stands for Demon)- Voice Director

Pixels and Pins Studio

Amaranth- Voice Director

Pixels and Pins Studio


Gloomhaven Companion App Sun Demon, Cultist

Forteller Games

Stars and Snowdrops- Hatsu

Ithaqua Labs

Paperless Office- Presenter


My Only Sunshine- Sun

The Sunspot Syndicate

Paranormal Files: The Tall Man- Jessie, Tina

Elephant Games

Perceptions of the Dead 2: Undercover Undead- Policewoman/Velvet

Ithaqua Labs

Infinite Adventures – Lady Tonya, Additional PC Voices

Stormseeker Games

Ah!! My Roommate is a Succubus Hellbent on World Conquest – Stacey

Watercress Games

My Time at Portia – Nora

Pathea Games

Dungeon ProfiteerVoice Coordinator, Sorceress, Imp, various monsters

Team A Sensible and Entirely Appropriate Number of Cooks

Sequel Studios– Mom

Retro Leaf Studios

Imre’s Curse: Prologue– Aenaris

LegendEx Games

The D (Stands for Demon) – Voice Direction, Stella, Rose*

Pixels and Pins Studio

Let Go– Old Woman

Watercress Games

Magical Item Workshop-Female Voice

Retro Leaf Studios

Brugga the Brewer-Various Voices


Dubgeon Fighter Online: Dungeon Fighter Online English Mod – Female Gunner

Let’s Dub Project

Havoc Fox – V, Techno


Amaranth -Additional Voices

Pixels and Pins Studio


Thatch and Dial – Chespin

Andy Stein

Hey Hugo Ep5 – Sleepy Susie

Jupey Krusho

CSGO Cartoons Ep 16 – CashMeInside

 SmashBits Animation for Nick Bunyun

“Horizon Zero Dawn: Worst Dad Ever” – Young Aloy

 SmashBits Animation

“If Legend of Zelda was Realistic” – Navi

 SmashBits Animation

One Minute Melee S4 Ep12 – Alice Margatroid

Hyun’s Dojo

“Real Zombie Auditions for the Walking Dead” – Lily, Young Boy

  Arcade Cloud (SmashBits Animation)

The Engineering Family and Wiggles– various children and dogs

The Engineering Family (SmashBits Animation)

 Additional Animated Shorts


The Ordinary Life of Ms. ‘O’!-Gu Sil Oh


Hatena Illusion-Ryusei

Azur Lane-Aulick, Jintsuu

No Guns Life-Colt’s Sister

A3!-Additional Voices

Fire Force-Additional Voices

The Morose Mononokean-Additional Voices

Fairy Tale-Additional Voices

Black Clover-Additional Voices

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master-Additional Voices

One Piece: Episode of East Blue-Additional Voices


Radio Plays and Audio Dramas

The One Stars – Grocery Store Reviewer

Good Pointe Podcasts

Take the Mass Pike S2 Ep7 “Under the Underground” – Charlotte

Enfield Arts

The Cherry Orchard – Varya

Team Dogpit

Anthologies of Ullord: Bellicose Diplomacy  – Yuusha

Nikki Flynn & Edwin Dantès

For Voice of All-The Magic Story Audio Drama

  The Battle for Zendikar-Jori-En

  Rivals of Ixalan-Breeches the Goblin

“World Class”-Juanita

  “Under the Silver Moon (Redux)”-Elsa

“The Gorgon and the Guildpact”-Minotaur 2

“Wool over the Eyes”-Saheeli Rai

“Blood and Fire”-Asmadi’s Brood

“Ravnica Allegiance 1:The Illusions of Child’s Play “-Jitka

Flock – Vi’Nami Argyris

Teza Belmond

Meridian 7-1212 – End Credits Announcer

  Narada Radio Players (for The Sonic Society)

Ollie and MollyMother, Annalissa

  Pixels and Pins Studio

Other Clients

Id Software

Juunoo Wall Systems