Twitch Schedule

With so many fingers in so many pies, streaming has very much become a “when I have time” activity. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be on air at the scheduled times, but when I am, I promise a fun time for all.


None currently scheduled.


Art Mondays 8PM-9:00PM CDT

I have sooooo many projects to get through. Join me as I try to possibly get through some of them.


Splatoon Thursdays 8PM-9:30PM CDT

Join the Cuddlefish Crusaders in their weekly Splatoon training. I’ll also accept people from chat, but keep in mind that the Crusaders get first dibs on the four person teams. If we have a lot of people wanting to jump in, we might open up a private lobby. I like to play it by ear.


Saturdays 8PM-10PM CDT

This is the “whatever I want to play” day. Catching up on old RPG’s, player requests in Mario Maker, it’s a very hang loose kind of night because…you know….Saturday.

Saturdays, unfortunately, are also the one day that I have to skip streaming sometimes because of conventions, Renaissance Festivals, and or catching up on work that didn’t get quite done during the week. Some other stuff takes priority over streaming, and this is the day where that shows.



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