Amaranth: NaNoRenO ’17

In an effort to do something just….different….I guess…with Ollie and Molly near the end, of it’s run, I’ll be doing something called NaNoRenO, a game jam where you create a visual novel in a month. By the rules I can’t start production until tomorrow, but here are some sketches a little something to whet your appetite.


Cora came to live among the humans seven years ago, the end of the eight year stint before young elves are expected to find their place in life. Between work and dealing with roommates and the weekly phone calls from her mother that are tinged with that oh so special form of guilt that they’re so good at, she’s barely had time to think about dinner, much less the rest of her life. With everything slowly building to a head, she meets a sylvan in the park( one who’s also resigned herself to walk among the humans) that says the whole matter is simple: listen and you will know. But it’s not…it’s not so simple.


Ollie and Molly Ep 4 is now online

Ollie and Molly Episode 3 is out!

It’s actually been out for a few days, but I’m getting worse about catching all the blogs/sites/social media places. To a better job of that in the new year!


Ollie and Molly Episode 3 will be out Next Tuesday, Jan. 17

I was worried the holidays would push me back too far, but nope! We’re good for release next week!

It’s a shorter episode, but I hope you’ll enjoy hearing more about Molly’s past and learning a bit more about Nate and Olivia. Watch the series so far here.

The Premiere of Ollie and Molly is Coming November 1st!

Check it out when it premieres on my Youtube channel!

New Audiobook: One Drop

A new audiobook for an old story, “One Drop.” 


As always, one time donation link here. 

The Night in Texas Available Now

A telekinetic police officer must try to maintain order when pack mentality is calling for bloodshed. An elf finds herself being forced to sit back and watch as the world becomes more and more advanced around her. Two men, clinging to each other as the only ones of their kind in a world of humans, are finding that they may need to let go in order to grow.

Nine interconnected stories about love, friendship, and the things that bind us together as people (be they human or not), because in a world where you can teleport across the country in the snap of a finger or erase a memory with a single touch, there are still some things that magic can’t change.

That Night in Texas now available on Smashwords and in my shop.


Features: interplanetary travel, elves and a dwarf who play video games, “philological hipsters,” a wizard in cowboy boots, and a couple of women who really just need to kiss already, jeeze.

Surprise! I’m Dropping a Short Story Collection

So, for the last five years I’ve been sitting on this short story collection, always thinking…”It’s not ready….it’s not ready….iiiittt’sss nooootttt reaaadddyyyy.”

Well, Latolan is almost a year old, and I started realizing you know what? It IS ready, and having the Latolan stories exist in conjunction just means it’ll be even better.

Next Thursday (Sept.15th) , I’ll be releasing my first ever long form (sorta) ebook, That Night in Texas. 

Nine interconnected short stories and pieces of flash fiction about love,relationships, magic, and the things that bind us together as humans (and otherwise). You’ll even get to see again some characters from the Latolan serial.

If things go as planned, it’ll be on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon for $0.99 (or thereabouts) and in my personal digital store for $0.99+ pay what you want.

I’ll have a sample story up that day, and if you feel like it might tickle your fancy, consider dropping a hard-earned dollar on the full collection. (Patreon patrons will get it automatically as one of their benefits.

Thank you!

A new short story goes up this Tuesday!

“The Golden Hour”

Brought together by a chance of fate, what happens after you find the monster in the dark was just a man all along? A direct sequel to “A Red Ring of Light”.

The audio book for this one is 90% done even! Which means….it may just go up early as a special treat. The actor is a surprise (for now), but he’s a swell dude who did an amazing job.

(Hint on the actor. Awoo.)

Writing Commissions Open

Hey friends….baby wants some upgrades so she’s opening up commissions doing one of the things she’s really good at! Writin’ stuff.

Under the “Store” menu heading, there’s now a “Writing Commissions” page.

Want to go on a space adventure with your best friend? I gotchu. Got this great idea for an audioplay, but dang if your dialogue isn’t a little rough? Let me help ya. Need some product descriptions for your online store? Let my copywriting experience work for you.

Payments through paypal! Message me here or e-mail me at with the subject “Writing Commissions”

The Prices

For the first 100 words–5¢/word

500 to 1000 words–2¢/word

1000+ words–1¢/word

So, for example

100 words=$5

500 words=$13

1000 words=$18

What kind of writing?

Short answer: almost anything.

  • drabbles
  • fanfiction
  • blog entries
  • explainer/instuctional video scripts
  • general scripts
  • video game dialogue
  • short stories
  • poetry and song lyrics
  • interactive fiction
  • comic book scripts
  • visual novels
  • and on and on and on

You can even make it interactive for a few dollars more! Check out the commission page for more info regarding this and scripts.


Not many.

  • NSFW, smut, and erotica is a-okay
  • I won’t write anything that I feel is particularly hateful, however.
  • If it’s a piece of fiction involving a real life person, I’m going to want more details before I say “yes”
  • I’m not doing your homework or college/scholarship essay for you (but you can hire me to edit and proofread)

Samples for your Consideration

Original fiction

Fanfiction (Legend of Zelda)

Produced Original script

Produced Fanfiction script (Legend of Zelda)


Thank you everyone for your time and attention! Please pass around if you know of someone who’d be interested. This will be up indefinitely.

You can also message me for rates on editing and proofreading. It’s how I made my pocket money in college.