New Audiobook: Of Magic and Men

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New Audiobook Release

“Lady Ochrie” the direct sequel to “A Question of Culture” released today! Check it out below.


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Reading Latolan is Now Open Access

After much meditation and talking with my voice actors, I decided to make all the Latolan audiobooks free to listen to. They’re being hosted on my youtube channel. The first two below.

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A Question of Culture Audiobook Released


Up in the shop, right now, is the audiobook for “A Question of Culture” narrated by a really amazing up and coming talent. <a class="gumroad-button" href="">Buy Now!</a>” target=”_blank”>Click here for the audiobook.
And here for the Story Pack.

Until Thursday, “A Red Ring of Light” audiobook is totally free!


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Ollie and Molly Sneak Preview

Check here for casting details.

Though casting is ongoing, I now have a composer on board to bring this project to the next level. He’s done some great work, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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Announcing Ollie and Molly

What you see here is the first round of rough concept art for a little project called Ollie and Molly.  6334559729218805236

When Molly’s mother died, she learned that her father wasn’t JUST a one night stand. He was nobility, and now he’s called the new orphan home to live with him, his wife, and daughter Olivia. Molly, now, must adjust to not only the noble life, but also make her way in a new community of others afflicted with the same genetic condition. The sort of condition that has Molly wandering around at night feeding on rats for extra sustenance. A story about fitting in and finding a place in a world that you weren’t made for. A story of forging a path. A story of two women learning how to be sisters.

But what IS this project! Well! Ollie and Molly is a kinetic comic with foley art, music, and, neatest of all, voice acting! I’m casting for it as we speak and, man, is there some awesome talent involved.

Casting ends April 30th. In the meantime, I’m the process of writing the last half of the script and moving onto the next phase of art. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with details as the project progresses.

Interested in being a part of the cast? Awesome! I’m casting through Casting Call Club and Behind the Voice Actors. You can also leave a comment under this post, and I’ll tell you what to do.

Weekly Update 1/24/16

The newest LoZ Voices project is one I was very excited about!

Click through to hear a new radio show written by me! I’m also in it.

Also check a recent exchange between Hilda and Ravio (from the asklozextras ask blog) that is oh so salacious.



I will be at PAX South next weekend so keep a look out next week for a new Pixels and Pins Adventures, video.

Live for Today: A Left-Right Game Christmas Skit


Almost every year, my family plays the right-left game for Christmas. I started writing original stories for them more than ten years ago.

We skipped the last two years, so when we decided to bring it back again, I thought I’d try something new. I’d been recording them for awhile (it’s easier than trying to read a story live while also passing presents), but this is the first time I’ve ever done a skit like this.

Feel free to listen, enjoy, and use for your own family gatherings this Christmas and in the future. Happy Holiday!

I have to thank Scrap, my very awesome voice actor friend for helping me out. He did an amazing job. You can hear more of his work as part of the LoZVoices project at and