Ashe Thurman-Voice Actor


*Denotes projects currently in production.

Animation of Note

CSGO Cartoons Ep 16 – CashMeInside

Nick Bunyun (SmashBits Animation)

“Horizon Zero Dawn: Worst Dad Ever” – Young Aloy

 SmashBits Animation

Sonic Origins – Rosie*


“If Legend of Zelda was Realistic” – Navi

 SmashBits Animation

One Minute Melee S4 Ep12 – Alice Margatroid

Hyun’s Dojo

“Real Zombie Auditions for the Walking Dead” – Lily, Young Boy

 Arcade Cloud (SmashBits Animation)

The Engineering Family and Wiggles– various children and dogs

The Engineering Family (SmashBits Animation)

 Additional Animation

Radio Plays and Audio Dramas

For Voice of All-The Magic Story Audio Drama

The Battle for Zendikar-Jori-En

Rivals of Ixalan-Breeches the Goblin

“World Class”-Juanita

“Under the Silver Moon (Redux)”-Elsa

“The Gorgon and the Guildpact”-Minotaur 2

“Wool over the Eyes”-Saheeli Rai


Meridian 7-1212 – End Credits Announcer

 Narada Radio Players (for The Sonic Society)

Ollie and Molly – Mother, Annalissa

 Pixels and Pins Studio

Rosco and James – Phoebe*

Static Stories

Flock – Vi’Nami Argyris

Teza Belmond

Name TBA Western-Mrs. Burke*


Dungeon Fighter Online English Mod – Female Gunner

Let’s Dub Project

Infinite Adventures – Lady Tonya*

Stormseeker Games

My Time at Portia – Nora*

Pathea Games

Havoc Fox – V*


Alexandra of Ciel – The Queen

Team Darknesse

Amaranth – Additional Voices

Pixels and Pins Studio


 ADR and Dubbing

The Ordinary Life of Ms. ‘O’!-Gu Sil Oh



For dubbing work with the Let’s Dub Project