Amaranth: NaNoRenO ’17

In an effort to do something just….different….I guess…with Ollie and Molly near the end, of it’s run, I’ll be doing something called NaNoRenO, a game jam where you create a visual novel in a month. By the rules I can’t start production until tomorrow, but here are some sketches a little something to whet your appetite.


Cora came to live among the humans seven years ago, the end of the eight year stint before young elves are expected to find their place in life. Between work and dealing with roommates and the weekly phone calls from her mother that are tinged with that oh so special form of guilt that they’re so good at, she’s barely had time to think about dinner, much less the rest of her life. With everything slowly building to a head, she meets a sylvan in the park( one who’s also resigned herself to walk among the humans) that says the whole matter is simple: listen and you will know. But it’s not…it’s not so simple.



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