The Night in Texas Available Now

A telekinetic police officer must try to maintain order when pack mentality is calling for bloodshed. An elf finds herself being forced to sit back and watch as the world becomes more and more advanced around her. Two men, clinging to each other as the only ones of their kind in a world of humans, are finding that they may need to let go in order to grow.

Nine interconnected stories about love, friendship, and the things that bind us together as people (be they human or not), because in a world where you can teleport across the country in the snap of a finger or erase a memory with a single touch, there are still some things that magic can’t change.

That Night in Texas now available on Smashwords and in my shop.


Features: interplanetary travel, elves and a dwarf who play video games, “philological hipsters,” a wizard in cowboy boots, and a couple of women who really just need to kiss already, jeeze.


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