Surprise! I’m Dropping a Short Story Collection

So, for the last five years I’ve been sitting on this short story collection, always thinking…”It’s not ready….it’s not ready….iiiittt’sss nooootttt reaaadddyyyy.”

Well, Latolan is almost a year old, and I started realizing you know what? It IS ready, and having the Latolan stories exist in conjunction just means it’ll be even better.

Next Thursday (Sept.15th) , I’ll be releasing my first ever long form (sorta) ebook, That Night in Texas. 

Nine interconnected short stories and pieces of flash fiction about love,relationships, magic, and the things that bind us together as humans (and otherwise). You’ll even get to see again some characters from the Latolan serial.

If things go as planned, it’ll be on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon for $0.99 (or thereabouts) and in my personal digital store for $0.99+ pay what you want.

I’ll have a sample story up that day, and if you feel like it might tickle your fancy, consider dropping a hard-earned dollar on the full collection. (Patreon patrons will get it automatically as one of their benefits.

Thank you!


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