Ollie and Molly: Meet the Sisters!

Join me as I start to introduce you to the characters of Ollie and Molly. First up is the titular sisters, Ollie and Molly! Check them out below.


Olivia Character Into Portrait
Olivia “Ollie” Demoan Age 19. Raised in a noble house, Ollie is a woman of the utmost refinement….most of the time. Put into an arranged engagement as a child, her life has always been stringent and measured, every action carefully calculated to maintain the veneer of perfection that her position in life requires. A time for everything, and everything in its time. What happens to the plan, however, when she finds out she has a younger sister? Can she teach her how to live in this new world without ruining both their reputations?

Olivia voiced by Suddenly.



Molly Character Intro Portrait
Age 16. Molly never knew who her father was. It wasn’t important. When her mother passed away, though, living with this man she never knew suddenly became her only option. A middle-class girl thrown into the wolves’ den of high-society, she’s struggling to keep her head above water and a sister who doesn’t know how to be a sibling, yet, just makes things more complicated. In a world of magic and preternatural ability, even a girl from a small-town in The Nowheres can be more than she seems. Socialites aren’t the only monsters she has to watch out for.

Molly voiced by Rachael.


All Ollie and Molly art is going to go up on the Ollie and Molly Art Page for your continued perusal.

As always, you can support Ollie and Molly (and the studio as a whole) by becoming a Patron or a making a one time contribution.


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