New Short Story Incoming

Next Tuesday (6/7), I’ll be releasing the next short story in my fantasy serial Latolan entitled “One Drop.”

“In any language, it was the sound my heart made when he was nearby.”

The story will be up here to read and/or download for free Tuesday.

The Latolan series will always be free, but consider becoming a Patron to receive special content.

The next Tuesday (6/13) I will also start releasing Special Editions of the serial starting with “A Red Ring of Light” (then releasing monthly until I catch up). The Special Editions will feature extra content, a special cover, and come packaged with an audio book version of the story. These Special Editions will be available to all $5+ patrons and for individual purchase on the newly made Pixels and Pins Gumroad store. I’ll also be selling just the audio books alone.

If you like what you read and want to support me and the other artists I’m working with to bring you awesome content, please consider providing financial support in any way you can whether by bi-monthly contribution or a one-time purchase. I’d like the next big project after Ollie and Molly to be huge, and I can only do that with your help.



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