Fi, the Tree Topper

If you’ve been with me awhile, you might remember my Christmas mage from last year. Well, I did it again. Meet Fi, from my Legend of Zelda themed tree this year.


What I used: satin in the two colors for the wings and paint in matching colors, purple broadcloth that I already had, white paint, glossy topcoat, gold fabric paint, these weird stud thingies, and a Wilton “teen” cake pick. Any kind of doll parts work, but they’re really hard to find anymore.


This is the satin next to the Master Sword to show color comparison.


This is what the cake pick looks like.


After using acetone to unpaint her face, I decapitated and shaved her…


…then painted her white to prime her.

After that it was a matter of getting creative with painter’s tape to keep the lines straight and get her colors right.

This was one of the thousands of different tries at making her fraking hair. I ended up using cardstock instead of foam in the end. Then I smoothed over the seams with school glue and painted. It was literally the hardest part of the whole project.


These are the “wings” and a tube dress with the gold trim. I couldn’t tell you exactly how I sewed them beyond “I don’t know, sew the thing?” It’s how I tend to approach sewing as a whole.


Here’s sorta how I did the wings. A center oval part, then a strip that I sewed ruffles into then all attached together.


Glued all her pieces together. The central gemstone part is one of the weird stud things painted with a blue center.


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