Very Christmas Mason Jars

We’re eating at Thanksgiving and my mom turns to me over her squash casserole and says “You know your sister saw something cute on Pinterest the other day…,” and the whole inside of me groaned. “We saw something cute on Pinterest” for my mom and sister is “we need you to come over to the house and help us make this thing we saw on Pinterest, and you’re going to have to do all the hard work.” Well, a total of 10 hours of glass etching and craft stores later, this was the result.



Now what is this damn thing?

Well, we decided to bring back the left/right game this year for Christmas (more work for me because I’m the story-writer-in-chief). My mom thought it would be a fun restriction that the gift had to fit inside a mason jar, and that the jars would go home as party favors.

Actually not a bad idea, so let me show you kinda what we did.


Started with 3 crates of canning jars from Walmart. $15 a crate, so not a bad price.



While I was doing the hard part, my mom and niece worked on cutting lengths of this ribbon and putting stickers on top of the jars.

I then got to making the stencils we were going to use for glass etching.




I went from sketch, to drawing it up in sharpie on stencil vinyl which is amazing), to cutting it all out. This stencil ended up giving up the ghost in the end, but I made more.


Slap that baby on a jar and use Armor Etch glass etching cream to etch that sucker.


Then we just assembly-lined it. As I finished etching, I passed it off to my sister, who put the paper on the inside and added the ribbon.

I made 24 of these.

This is my life this time of year.







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