Ashe’s Big Fat Commission Post

Oh, what is that there, looming a month and a half away? Why it’s Christmas! Don’t know what to get for your friends and family? How about something from an independent artist? Because when you buy presents, I get to buy presents.

Check out my Redbubble where you’ll see cute designs featuring cats in cosplay, robots in love, and a few more designs before December.

Nothing there suite your fancy? No problem! If you send me an e-mail at, you can commission a portrait of your pet in cosplay or a stylized cameo.

And how much would these pieces cost you?

For a special, lead up to Christmas sale: $7


You’ll get a high res jpeg and a high res transparent png that you can take anywhere you hecky darn want to to get printed on whatever you want!

And for a mere $15, I can put together a Holiday card for you to send out to all your family you hate!

christmas card 2014-01

So, in short:

$7 for a pportrait

$15 for a Holiday card. 

email me at


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