A Post Con Cooldown with Signed Character Card Magnets

My fall convention season has come to a close, and I’m tired. I still have Renn Faire, though, but that’s easy at this point. After all the hats I’ve made lately, I don’t think I’ll be picking up a hook again for awhile.

What I did manage to get done early this week was get frames for the prints I had signed this weekend.


Not bad, right? Pretty cute id I don’t say so myself even if Kyle Hebert signed a little far to the right.

Well, while I was out getting the frames, I thought I’d try to track down a frame for these character cards I got back at the start of September.


They were signed by the very lovely Monica Rial after one of her small Q and A panels. A sort of reward for her more stalwart fans (of which I am one). The things is, though, these are weirdly sized cards, just an 8.5 x 11 cut in half. 8×10 was way too big a frame and 5×7 was way too small. I was perplexed. I considered getting a document frame and putting them together in a little collage. Then I had an idea.


First I trimmed them down a little, pasted them to coordinating construction paper, them laminated them with contact paper. This particular roll was a little old, so there were issues, but whatever.


Then I slapped some magnet tape on the back.


Then I put those bad boys on the fridge. Freaking cute, right? The answer, is yes, freaking cute.

Now, here’s the deal, I also got these really cute posters this weekend of all these DragonBall voice actors with their characters. Well, I hung one of them up, but we got, two. Imma chop it up and do this thing again. Probably tomorrow because I’m off in the afternoon. My fridge is gonna be awesome.


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