Cosplay WIP 3: The Return of the Sword Frog

So much cosplay. I know. It’s ridiculous. But, of course, I’m still not done.

The final piece of the puzzle is a frog to hold Zoro’s three swords. Let me show you what I did in just a few pictures.

So it needed to be out of leather to hold all the swords. I don’t have leather, leather tooling equipment, or the know-how to do a lot of that stuff. I do however, have a bunch of old belts and a staple gun.

First I cut the belt at the buckle part and where the holes start. This left me with this nice little blank strip. I folded the belt over the swords it needed to hold to see how big the opening would be and stapled it together three times.


This gave me three little loops, one for each sword. It was all actually really easy.

20150902_100003 20150902_100010 20150902_100019

After that, it needed a little something to attach it to a belt. I used the section of belt with holes for that part. The multiple angles show, I hope, how I attached the loop at an angle.


When it’s on the belt, the frog swings forward to hold the swords out in front of me for easy “grabbing” (as if I were actually going to wield them).

I then opened up a vent in the green sash I intend to wear, and the frog part peaks through with the brown belt being hidden. I’m still tweaking a few things to get it to set right on my hips, but overall it’s looking pretty rad.

I wish I had more, but there’s so much to do! I’ll lay out a nice big image dump next week with details and everything.



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