Cosplay WIP: Tsukimi Kurashita and the Witch of the Waste

Guess what I’m doing this weekend… Going to an anime convention! Guess who’s going with me… My mom!(?)

No really, my mom’s pretty chill. When I told her I was going to a day of this convention this weekend and telling her my plans, she got this look in her face.

“Is Alex not going with you?” She asked.

“Nah, he’s kinda like ‘meh’ and doesn’t want to pay the ticket price for apathy,” I replied.

“Oh….do you want someone to go with you?”

And thus my sixty-five year old mother is going to her con (she also learned to play Splatoon this week, but that’s a different story). Well, of course, we have to cosplay. I’m going to be Tsukimi Kurashita (from Princess Jellyfish) because it’s an outfit I’ve had on the back burner since last Halloween when I didn’t get to use it for a party.

All I needed to put together Tsukimi’s  outfit was a pink shirt. I didn’t have just the right one any longer. No problem! Hopped over to the craft store, got a 100% cotton long sleeve shirt, then went to get the dye.


Looks like there out of Rose Pink Rit.

I look casually up at the Tulip Dye.

“Well, okay I guess.”

Here’s what happened.

I like using the liquid Rit because I can use just a little or a lot and keep it around for other projects. It also works really well in my washing machine, so I can rely on the agitator to get the job done well. This Tulip dye however, is a powdered dye so I was going to have to agitate it by hand. Hnnnngggggg.

First it came out too dark, so I threw it through a wash cycle before the dye totally set.

Perfect Color

Oh, great, perfect color. But…wait….what’s this?




So, yeah, like I was worried about, I didn’t agitate it properly and now I’ve got mottling. So tomorrow, I’m going to have to go to the OTHER JoAnne’s, get the rose pink, and track down another white shirt. Honesty, this one was about 1/2 a size too small, so I’m going to try get one a little roomier for the overall look. I’m just cutting it reeaaaaal close now.

The outfit that’s really coming together, though, is my mom’s Witch of the Waste from Howl’s Moving Castle.

Look at this beauty.


The black hat and fabric I already had and the dress we got at Goodwill for $7. The fur fabric then, was the only major expenditure. I bought waaaaayy to much of it, but it was on sale, so whatever. This is the first time working with this much fur, so I was really nervous. It sewed onto the cape pretty easily, though, and it’s so forgiving. You can’t even tell where I made a cutting error on the right side and had to piece it in. It was a little tricky seeing where the stitches went, but whatever.

The hat looks a little ragged still. I started working on it while at my mom’s house, so the fur’s basically just tacked down with glue gun at some essential places. I need to go back with more fabric glue. Now, why am I glueing? Because I’ve tried sewing on this hat before and it’s a pain in the ass.

It’s still looking pretty sweet, though, if not utterly pimptastic.


And the beauty of this whole thing is that my mom and I are close enough in size that I can wear the hat and cape, too, if I wanted to be the Witch of the Waste myself.

Pictures shall be posted once everything’s done and we look awesome in our stuff.


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