Social Media Updates and Such

Gosh golly gee things have been rough around Pixels and Pins homebase these past two weeks. I’ve got a number of projects in the works, but nothing really new and interesting to show you. That makes me sad.

So, in the meantime, here are some other interesting ways you can get more of, well. me in your life.

Pixels and Pins Around the Web

On Tumblr

Works in progress, updates, and stuff I post here. I post the neat things I find and try to highlight really cool shops and YouTube channels that I find. I also try to find things that are that perfect blend of video games and crafts. A lot of amigurumi and video game cross-stitch and other things.

On Twitter

Updates on things I post here, when I’m going live on Twitch, and other things.

On YouTube

I’ve made a few videos of me making stuff, and I want to make more. I’ve just been underwhelmed with the results I get with my current equipment, so I’m reconsidering my options. What you’ll find mostly at the moment is Let’s Play style gameplay footage and Twitch VOD’s. I try to be at least a little entertaining, but I’m still finding my footing.

On Twitch

I started on Twitch because I like watching streams, so I thought “What the heck?”

My current schedule is 8-10ish CDT:

Monday-Whatever game I want to play. I’ve got, like, 1000.

Thursday-Nintendo Multiplayer (Splatoon, Smash, Mario Kart, sometimes Helldivers)

Saturday-4X’s, Simulation, and Turn Based Strategy

Some by and say “hi!” I’ve have some really interesting conversations with people over the chat while playing.

Egads and Gadzooks!

Egads and Gadzooks! is my jewelry shop. Check it out if you’re looking for something kitchy or geeky.

On Pinterest

On Instagram

I’m really bad about posting on these guys regularly. But, it’s the first place where new things for the shop might show up.

Writing, Drawing and Other Ventures

Ashe Etc. is another blog I have that a lot of you follow already and that’s super cool. It’s a more autobiographical sort of thing that I recently put on hiatus. Well, I’m looking to bring it back with some more art type stuff and maybe some comics. I posted one recently, that I got a lot of positive feedback from on reddit, so it’s kind of encouraged me to do more.

So you can also follow Ashe Etc. on Tumblr and Pinterest. You’ll see art and comics and I don’t know what all else, yet.

You can buy my digital art as prints and items on Redbubble. It’s vectory, kitchy stuff. I’m working on populating Society6, as well, but I don’t like the artist side user interface as much. I’m also hoping to do more. I had like a really big spark of creativity, then I lost it kinda half way through, and I’m trying to find it again.

Latolan is my newest writing project. I wanted to write a serial for a long time, and I’ve been working on it, conceptually, for a good ten years at this point. It’s fantasy flash fiction, and the first story is up. The second one will go up this Sunday, then every three weeks. It’s not really high fantasy, it’s not “urban fantasy,” it’s not paranormal romance. It’s the tale of people being simply people.

If you’re on Figment, so am I. All of my Latolan stories are being posted there along with anything else I happen to write that I want to give out for free.

I’m still working on whether any of the Latolan stuff will get posted somewhere else. I’m thinking Goodreads or as a free Kindle download. Still looking into it.

I’ve got a DeviantArt, too, but whatever. I used to post stuff a few years ago, but I kinda drift away and come back to it. I might come back to it more. It’s where I’m going to be posting art for sure, and I’ve started adding some of my patterns, too. I may or may not add the writing. I don’t know at the moment.

That was a lot of text, I know. I’m hoping that this weekend I’ll achieve some sense of normalcy and have something interesting to share with everyone. Until then, take care!


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