When the gates first opened on Latolan some eight hundred years ago, the only thing the first explorers found were the drunken ruins of a civilization at least a thousand years dead. Since then, The District has taken advantage of the relative neutrality to make the world the home of its headquarters and most of its government funded projects. The only major settlement is Tomar, a single, 80 mile wide city-state containing a number of prestigious universities and private schools, The Grand Tomar Library, and the main hall of several technical and magical guilds. The kaleidoscopic native population is joined by the seasonal residents of Starlight Vale, off-world wealth and nobility with the disposable income and inclination to keep a second estate in the lush hills and meadow lands set aside on one edge of the city proper just for that purpose.

Apart from a smattering of tiny outposts and individual homesteads peppered haphazardly across the Backroads–so named for the impression of ancient roads and ruins that must have at one point criss-crossed a mighty nation–much of Latolan remains unmapped and unsettled. This is not for lack of trying, but voyages into virgin territory return more bodies than answers.

What is this, you might ask? This is the announcement of a little something called Latolana new fantasy pseudo-serial I’ve had brewing for some time now. It’s free fantasy flash fiction that takes five minutes to read. The first story is up. A new story will be up next week then expect a new one every three to four weeks.

Click the links above and follow the serial as it starts to unfold.

If you’re a member of Figment, follow me as an author for these stories and others.


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