Golden Halla Counted Cross Stitch-Open Beta

I’ve been working on this pattern for a few weeks, and I finally finished it. I just started laying it out last night, and I’m hoping to have it stitched up within a month. The pattern isn’t complicated, but it’s pretty big (about 12 in) across.

While I work on it on my time, I’m officially putting it into a sort of open beta. If you would like to give this pattern a try, scroll down for a bug list and the link to the pdf.

golden halla final-02

Golden Halla CrossStich Beta_Ashe Thurman_overall-01

Current Bugs in the Pattern:

  • C-Stitch doesn’t understand the idea of white thread on black aida, so the above overall grid doesn’t show the white outline properly. The pattern itself is symbols, however, so no problems there. I have to go back and fix it in Illustrator.
  • I’m fairly certain I’m going to be including some gold metallic back-stitching, but I won’t make that decision until I finish it.
  • The colors I picked are a best guess as to what’s going to work, but when they’re actually stitched up, we’ll see if that’s the final color map.
  • I may end up including some half/quarter stitches to even out some of the roundness in the horns and face.

And, finally, here’s the link to the dropbox download. 

Edit: I had made an error when doing the hyperlinking, but I fixed it and it should work.

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Here’s is, sorta, what the colors would look like on a few variations as per a question from r/crossstitch.

golden halla alt colors-04 golden halla alt colors-05 golden halla outlines-03


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