Oh gosh, I have so much yarn, now.

After much internal debate and a very brief discussion with the ever so lovely owner of Crochet Adventures/Crochet Me Lovely, I decided to make a yarn haul video of some recent very interesting acquisitions.

Click through to visit my Youtube and hear my lovely voice. 

Highlights include

  • A popcorn stitch angel tapestry that my mom 99.9% finished twenty years ago but never blocked properly
  • A WIP tribute to my late grandfather
  • My very first cross stitch piece

I also got some new hooks today. One was my grandmother’s second set of hooks that she said I could have. The other is a bid ol’ Q hook that my mother bought me (in addition to a new cutting mat and rotary cutter) in exchange for helping her with some cleaning and furniture moving in her classroom a couple of days this past week.

Considering that I’m also working on making some t-shirt yarn and I learned how to make filet grids last night, I feel like this summer is going to be full of some new and interesting projects. Keep an eye out here and on my Ravelry for new patterns that I’ve been working out from some of my pieces I’ve made over the past decade or so.

Also keep watch over my shop Egads and Gadzooks! as I’ll be adding new designs soon.


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