Ten Minute Projects for Anyone: Witcher 3 Edition

Did you buy Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Awesome. Thanks for stopping long enough to join me here. In the hard copy, you got two stickers and a map, right? Well, since release I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the stickers. And I finally did!


Now, in the spirit of “for anyone” I used no unusual craft supplies of any sort. It’s all stuff the average person might have lying around their house. I did.

The Bottle


You need your stickers, a bottle, and some electrical tape. That’s it. The bottle I found at Goodwill for $1 while I was looking for a footlocker. This is maple syrup, I believe, but a handful of liquor and liqueur bottles are wide enough.


Put a strip of tape around that bad boy. Measure carefully to find the middle and leave a little gap so you know where it is.


Then just put the sticker on. The whole thing, from top to bottom, took about five minutes, and I gotta say, it looks pretty gosh darn sweet. I’m going to be making a little crochet harness and using it as a prop for Renn Faire. You could also put rocks in it or something. Or wolfsbane or a griffin decoction. Whatever.

The Magnet

I’m actually a little proud of this because it took me a bit to figure out what to do. I knew I wanted to make a magnet or something, but the sticker is too wide for, say, a jam jar magnet. And I didn’t want to waste the clay on something this dumb. So I was bothered. Then I poured myself an amaretto sour.

Turns out the Disaronno cap is almost perfect. And we had an empty bottle.


This is slightly more involved. I used the extra Disaronno cap, some black sharpie, cardstock, and superglue. For the magnet backing, I’m not even using a new magnet. I’m just recycling this “got milk?” one I’ve had for ages.


Colored in the gold colors on the cap. It’s not perfect, but from a distance it looks fine.


Because the points of the ears were going to be hanging off the edge of the cap, I needed to add some mounting to the back so that it was all nice and stiff. Thus the cardstock.

DSC00610 DSC00612

I folded over the cardstock, glued the pages together, then slapped the sticker on it.


Cut around it with scissors or x-acto knife (I used the knife).


I colored the back and along the edges with black to make it look better once it was mounted.


Superglue that bad boy into place.

DSC00620 DSC00621

Cut up your magnet, then glue that bugger down.


Add it to your weird fridge magnet collection.


Frame your map in a gold or bronze tinted frame with some ecru backing, and it will make you look classy.



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