Back from the Spring Faire with a Photoshoot in Tow

We finally went to the Renaissance Faire. While I was there I took some pictures of us in our garb. Permit me, if you will, to show you and discuss how I made it.

The one picture I didn’t take. Courtesy of Michael Falgoust.

alex sherwoodHusband is, by default, already a little bit of a wizard, so he doesn’t need much to go full mage.

Apart from the hat, this is actually his pirate garb. The pants and shirt are just old clothes from Goodwill modified. The black coat is a dress cut and re-hemmed. The hat I made from a wide-brimmed costume hat and fabric. The staff was a gift from our friends for his birthday last year and was made by our friend’s dad. It was his idea to put the red scarf on it, and it’s not bad.

ashley 1 ashley 2 ashley chair

There’s a lot going on with my garb because I don’t know what the hell I’m really doing. I’m going for vagabond mage with a jaunty hat, and I don’t know, it kinda works, I guess.

The brown robe was where I started. It’s actually a robe I made for Alex for his old wizard garb. I dyed it brown, undid the trim and re-hemmed it. Then I added the white cuffs to give it a little extra length. The purple-blue overshirt looks less impressive in photo form. It’s that color shifting fabric, so it shifts its hue depending on the light. It started life as a basic men’s dress shirt. I butchered the straight collar to give it a more pseudo-mandarin collar shape and removed the sleeves. The shirt itself was actually a size too small, but since I was wearing it open, that wasn’t really a concern. The rest is just tank top, leggings, and boots.

The gauntlet I discussed making a little while ago, and the staff is an older project using PVC pipe (that I thought I had already posted about, but maybe I didn’t). I simply changed out the bauble on top.

The jaunty hat was the surprisingly challenging part.

This was the inspiration.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141228223423This is a screengrab from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Making my own that worked in real life was a little tricky, at first, but came together once all the parts were there. This is how it began life, an old straw hat from Goodwill.


I sewed up a quick hat band out of some scrap material.


I hand stitched it into place on one side.


A sprig was glued onto the side that would eventually get turned up. This was some stuff I had leftover from when I was planning out bouquets for my wedding a year and a half ago at this point. This is why you should never throw anything away. I then hand sewed the band into place.


Turned up the brim on the sprig side and slapped on a button I had laying around.


There are still a lot of little things I want to work on. I think I’d like to play with my makeup more. The day of I always end up giving up and giving in to a basic blah, but there’s more to it. This much I remember, at least, from my theatre days.


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