How I Made-Hanar Earrings

This is a hanar.

They’re an alien from the Mass Effect game series that are basically floating jellyfish. Instead of using personal pronouns they say “this one,” and they have two names. Really, quite fascinating creatures.

I’ve wanted to make hanar earrings for a long time. A REALLY long time, but it wasn’t until we went to PAX that I finally got around to it.

And it was a good thing I did, because something amazing happened.

I’ve told this story about 14 bajillion times now (most recently, here), but I’ll never not find an opportunity to tell it.

Bioware, the studio that made the Mass Effect series, was running a series of panels about their newest game Dragon Age:Inquisition (which I might be literally addicted to). The moderator was Karin, a senior editor at Bioware. I got to ask my question last. She handed me the microphone, I asked my question, then handed it back. After the panelists were done answering, Karin, with microphone in hand in the middle of a room of more than eighty people, asked “Are those hanar earrings?” Into the mic, in front of the other developers and the room of people. People turned to look, and I was just like “yes! I made them.” Then, when they had a signing right after, I showed them to her up close as well as the cinematics lead sitting next to her and they said they were cute.

It was good day.

To watch how I made them, welcome to the first installment of Pixels and Pins Makes, a video thing I’m trying out. Below is the embed for the video, but you can also find it on my new Youtube chanel. Enjoy!

P.S. To see how I made the rest of my outfit for PAX South check out “Well,Shit: Designing and Creating a Dragon Age Shirt….Twice.”


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