Wherein I Show You How to Make a Little Origami Box Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Oh gosh! Is it a week until Valentine’s Day? Here, have my favorite piece of modular origami: a little, pretty, sturdy box. You can put a bunch of stuff in it! A ring, chocolates, dice, tiny flowers, other jewelry, cookies, candies…whatever! I spent my weekend making you some instructions.

P.S. Sorry for the not super great quality. I was running out of time and trying to keep the file sizes low.

illus intruc-11Origami box.mp4_0 illus intruc-10Origami box.mp4_1 illus intruc-09Origami box.mp4_2 illus intruc-01Origami box.mp4_3 illus intruc-02Origami box.mp4_4 illus intruc-03 illus intruc-04 Origami box.mp4_6illus intruc-05 This part's tricky. Lift up the topmost layer, and tuck the top right corner underneath. Origami box.mp4_7 This part’s tricky. Tuck the top right corner underneath the topmost flap of paper.  illus intruc-07 illus intruc-08 Origami box.mp4_8 Make 6 of these in total. When you have them all laid out, tuck each of the flaps into slots on top like this: construction VOILA!


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