Turning an Ugly Jewelry Box into a Cute One in 10 Easy Steps

1. Purchase a cheap jewelry box from Walmart.20141206_205036 20141206_205115

2. Take it apart, unscrewing the lid and tearing out all the lining.


3. Repaint that bitch. I went with a coral pink, then added a nice little white detail on the front. Used a matte acrylic top coat.


4. Recover all the little inner cardboard parts with the fabric of your choice. I went with a black faux suede and cheetah print.

DSC00048 DSC00043 DSC00041

5. Glue all the inner bits back in.


6. Mess up the first time and re-glue it because you had a half a glass of wine too much.

7. Try to screw everything back together.

8. Purchase new screws from the hobby shop because the screws that came with it are stripped. Why the hobby shop? Because the screws are so small, you can’t find them anywhere else except for a place that sells models.

9. Actually screw everything back together.


10. Give it to an eight year old that will look at it for two seconds then put it aside to play with her new karaoke machine.


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