10 Crafting Projects I Hope to Accomplish this Year

  1. Finish this one crochet purse I’ve been working on for literally a year. I have, like, four rows left, but I ran out of the navy blue yarn I was using, and I just keep forgetting to go get it.
  2. Do something with this little cloth map of Ferelden I got with the Dragon Age: Origins Collector’s Edition. Right now it’s just hanging on the wall, but I really want to do something fun with it. A pillow maybe? OH! Or a purse? No…a pillow is better.

    That map on the right there.
  3. A blanket with a map of Tamriel, Thedas, Hyrule, Kanto, Ingary or Narnia or something. I want to draw up the design, then get it printed on a blanket. Where can you get that for a moderately low price, I wonder?
  4. Paint a mural on my craft table which is also our kitchen table. It’s unfinished, and we had planned to stain it. Then I got henna on it. Then some acrylic paint. Then some marker. So….meh. I’ll just cover it.
  5. Some kind of new robey part and a cowl for the mage garb I wear to spring Ren Faire.
  6. A plush nug. Maybe a puppet.

    This is a nug. They have creepy little hands.
  7. A cable shoulder dragon puppet. They sell them at Imaginarium Galleries, and I have three, now (Proserpina, Io, and Eurydice). I love them dearly, but I want to make my own. I like the challenge.
  8. Fix Ivan the blue jean viking doll I made back in college. I washed him the washing machine, like, three years ago, and all his innards became outards. I just haven’t gotten around to it, but this is the year it’s going to happen.
  9. So many pairs of pants need new buttons and zippers.
  10. Make more bleach/fabric paint shirts. It’s just…fun. I already have one in mind that I want to make for a convention at the end of the month.

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