My Crafty Christmas Tree Part 2: Doritt, the Mage Who Guards our Presents

Part 1

I don’t know what we were talking about, but we were at Dungeons and Dragons when I had the idea that we needed a new Christmas tree topper. And that she was going to be a mage. So the next day, Dorritt was born.


This is how she began. I picked her up at Michael’s on sale.

20141130_163631 20141130_163651 - Copy

I stripped her of her clothes. Turns out she was held together by tape, glue, and the will to exist. Took about ten minutes.



Using acrylic paint, I re-colored her into a less than heavenly brunette. Looks a little like Jennifer Connolly.


I sewed up her clothes while waiting for the paint to dry. What we have is a black skirt, black sleeves, a red tunic, and a red cowl. These came together pretty fast, because I started out sewing doll clothes as a kid. The red fabric, however, was really really fussy.



The first things to go on were the skirt and the sleeves. I did separate sleeves because it made her easier to dress.


After that was the tunic, the cowl, a belt, and a necklace. The necklace was made from an extra necklace extender piece I had and an earring who’s partner I lost. I pinned the cowl in place with another un-partnered earring.


The staff is a bit of varnished dowel, a little wire wrapping at the top, and a faceted bead I had laying around. I used a clear elastic mini hair tie to strap the staff into place.



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