Video Game Costumes You Can Totally Make Before Halloween

Oh my gosh, guys! It’s two weeks until Halloween. That means you only have two weeks to put together a costume if you haven’t already. Now, you may not believe me, but if you start right away, you totally still have time to make yourself a decent costume without having to rely on some store bought malarkey. Certainly not with cosplay levels of work and dedication, but good enough to wear to that Halloween party that you kind of don’t want to go to but your friend doesn’t want to go alone and you know you’ll probably have fun at.

Pac-man and Ghost

Cut and paint cardboard, attach straps, wear it over a black outfit. Done. Make waka-waka sounds all night.

Also works for:

Pong paddle and ball

Space Invaders

Centipede segments


Galaga spaceships

any other old arcade cabinet featuring sprites on a black background


Link-Legend of Zelda

There are only two things you have to have to make a Link costume stick: the tunic and the hat. Even the Master Sword is optional, and you can make it out of cardboard if you really want. Everything else is up to you. Things like which iteration of Link or whether you want to vary him up. Steampunk Link and hipster Link are pretty adorable.

Here is a really great Link cosplay guide if you want to get a little more complex.

Alternatively, if you’re on the physically smaller side, a large green t-shirt cuts very easily into a tunic. Just a piece of green fabric with a head hole cut out done at the waist with a belt is another no-sew option.


Lara Croft-Tomb Raider

From 2000-2012

Shorts (or cargo pants if you want to go modern), tank top, boots, and ponytail. Don’t even have to make anything unless you want to go hardcore and make her holsters.

Ellie and Joel-Last of Us

Jeans and flannel, flannel and jeans.


Gijinka Pokemon

Here are six that are actually reasonable for someone to put together based on some of the most well-known Pokemon, but, oh my god, there are so many.

Ears can very easily be made out of felt and head bands. Cardboard or plush and wire make great tails.





Faith Connors-Mirror’s Edge

It’s a black tank top, white pants, and red sneakers. Then get a cheap, black pageboy wig. You’re going to be asked you you are all night, though.

Ness and Lucas-Earthbound

Yellow shirts with painted stripes. Red for Lucas, blue for Ness. Ness’s hat can be achieved by painting the bill of a basic red baseball cap blue.


Pink sweats and red shoes. Go around making sucking sounds all night and being freaking adorable.

Villager-Animal Crossing, as he appears in Smash Brothers

Red shirt with painted “1.”

Diddy Kong

Red tank with painted stars over brown pants and long sleeve shirt. Monkey tail optional.

Also works with Dixie Kong if you replace the red shirt with a pink one.

Pit-Kid Icarus

Rock either a toga or a chiton over a black tank and jogging shorts.

How to wear a doric chiton.

How to wrap a toga.

The wings can be as simple or as complicated as you want to go for a Halloween costume. The short cut for a one time costume would be to buy a pair of fairy wings from a party store as close to the right shape as you can get. The fairy wings are pretty easy to reshape and get where you need them to be. From here you can undertake the laborious task of gluing rows and rows of feathers to them, or, if it doesn’t matter as much, cheat.

Cut between 5-7 wide strips out of white fabric. Snip up the fabric to about an inch from the top, leaving little strips attached to a band at the top. Layer these swaths of fabric over each other, attaching them to the wing base at the top only. This will create little fluttery pieces that look just like feathers in the dark.

How to make better angel wings, for the industrious.


Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth, Athena Cykes-Ace Attorney

Phoenix is just in a suite. Gel that hair up and go to town.

Apollo is in a red suit, which could be tricky, but a thrift store might be a good place to check. If desperate, you might be able to dye a very light colored suit the appropriate color. For his signature bracelet, bangles are pretty popular items at cheap jewelry stores. If you have to, paint it.

Miles has a wine-colored suit, so you may have to get creative there. His frilly cravat, which he simply can’t go without, is a pretty simple one afternoon sewing project.

Athena is basically in a cropped yellow jacket and skirt. If you can find an appropriate suit jacket, it’s a pretty simple matter to cut it off and re-hem it. Same with the skirt. Focus on color and overall shape, then make it whatever length works best. A giant wooden bead painted properly with a cord threaded through would make due for her necklace. A foam ball would work, too.

A Sim

Print out two of these plumbobs on cardstock.

Click through for a hi-res version.

Acquire cardboard, large gauge jewelry wire or an old wire hanger, and a headband.

Cut an appropriately sized piece of cardboard. Bend your wire into a v-shape that is long enough for the bend to touch the center of the cardboard and the ends to wrap around the head band a few times, with a little bit of space between the bottom of the plumbob and the headband. The angle of the bent wire should be wide enough to support the cardboard but not so wide that you can’t attack it to the headband securely. Glue or duct tape it to the cardboard. Paste the plumbobs on the cardboard over the wire. Attach all of it to a headband by wrapping the wire around the center. Wear literally whatever clothes you want to wear. Bam. Sim.

This idea can also be applied to quest markers from any game of your choice. Hang a nameplate around your neck to be extra clever. Now you’re random NPC that the Dragonborn has to take a mammoth tusk to.

Cooking Mama

Her signature pieces are her pink headscarf (which you can buy at Walmart or your local craft store) and her orangy-yellow apron. For the apron, either dye a white one, or make an apron out of the right color fabric in just a few hours time. Aprons are really just ever so slightly shaped rectangles with ties.  If you get a little iron hem tape or fabric glue, you don’t even have to sew anything (though, in that case, you might have to get creative with the ties).

Here’s a very good, pretty detailed tutorial on making an apron if you want to make a particularly good one.


Lutece Twins-Bioshock Infinite


Three things make this work: a couple, the suits, and the chalkboard. This is the simplest and best chalkboard tutorial I’ve ever come across. To go cheaper, you can replace the plywood with cardboard.

If you don’t care if it’s interactive, black paper with white paint markings work just as well.

Make two, obviously, one for the front, one for the back. Old belts make great straps, and you can staple gun, hammer and nail, or glue them into place on the back of the frame.

The suits are the trickiest part, but fear not. Each of the individual pieces of the suit are commonplace enough that a little bit of thrift store scavenging will turn up a somewhat reasonable facsimile.


Companion Cube, Mario Item Block, Animal Crossing Floating Present, etc.

Wear a box. Literally. In pretty much any way you’d like. You can cut the bottom and top off the box, attach straps and sling it over your shoulder like those barrels in old timey cartoons that indicate someone is so destitute they can’t afford clothes. You can also just cut out the bottom, then cut out a head hole and arm holes and wear it around your chest like Cartman’s Awesome-O robot costume. Once you’ve figured that part out, attack that sucker with good old fashioned tempera paint. If you really, really want to get fancy, make yourself into and 8 bit or 16 bit era Legend of Zelda treasure chest and hand out pixelated rupees to everyone all night. Attached to candy, of course.


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