Crochet Pattern: Big Bomb Bag

Why “bomb bag?” Because the first one I ever made was in brown and looked just like the bomb bag from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

I’ve made about twelve of these, now, never the same twice, and it takes about three hours in total. I finally got around to actually writing down a pattern, of sorts. They aren’t completely tested by anyone but myself, so if you find an error, hit me up.

Here’s the one from earlier this week.


Big Bag

Hook: N-15 (10.0 mm)

Yarn: Red Heart Classic worsted weight in black and blue jewel, yellow on the tie

  • Bag crocheted with two strands held together
  • All chain 3’s and chain 2’s at the beginning of a row count as a stitch.
  • Worked in rows. Slip stitch in top of chain 3/chain 2 at the end of a row.

Round 1: 6dc in a magic ring  (I never don’t use a magic circle when working in the round from scratch, so I’m not 100% sure what the alternative “chain x, work x stitches in chain” would be.)

Round 2: chain 3, dc in same stitch, 2dc in each stitch around

Round 3: chain 3, 2dc in next stitch, *[dc, 2dc], repeat * around

Round 4: chain 3, dc in next stitch, 2dc, *[dc, dc, 2dc], repeat * around

Round 5-6: chain 3, dc around

Round 7: chain 3, dc, dc2tog, *[dc, dc, dc2tog], repeat * around

Round 8: chain 3, dc2tog, *[dc, dc2tog], repeat * around

Round 9: chain 3, dc around

Round 10: chain 4, skip stitch, dc, *[chain 1, skip stitch, dc], repeat * around

Round 11: chain 2, sc around

Round 12: chain 2, sc, *[2sc in same stitch, sc, sc] repeat * around

Round 13: chain 2, sc, *[2sc, sc, sc], repear * around

Round 14: chain 2, sc around

Finish off.



Row 1: chain 103

Row 2: dc in third stitch from hook, 100 dc back to the end

Row 3: chain 2, 100 sc to end

Finish off.


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